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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Free EBook Weight Normalization

As you are probably well aware, the problem of excess weight is now reaching epidemic levels, with over 97,000,000 Americans classified as either Overweight or Obese. The Federal government is even considering making new laws to regulate what we can eat because obesity is such a "growing" problem in our nation.


At least half of those people are actively searching for a method that will enable them to normalize their weight. That is over 48,000,000 people! They have tried, on average, at least ten different "Diets".....diets that did not work.

They also have purchased, on average, six of the "Miracle" weight loss products that are available..... products that do not work.

They are spending, on average, more than $400.00 per month .....month after month, in their unsuccessful quest for normal weight. Basically, most of these people are wasting their time and money. Some of them might temporarily lose a little weight.,BUT they are not addressing the basic causes of their weight problem. As most of us know, weight lost in this way always comes back at an even higher level than it was before the diet. The “yo-yo” effect produces a weight GAIN that is usually more that the weight loss! As an example, here are three simple FACTS regarding weight loss.

1. Dieting alone does not work long term.
2. Magic weight loss products not only do not work long term, many of them are actually harmful causing potentially dangerous nutritional imbalances within the body, as well as other more direct health concerns. (Remember Fen-Fen and the horrible problems it caused to so many people's hearts. It actually killed a number of people whose only crime was being overweight.) But their choice, based on the then current "medical" expertise, cost them their lives!
3. People gain excess weight as a DIRECT RESULT of their LIFESTYLE and the ONLY way for them tonormalize their weight is to MODIFY their self-destructive LIFESTYLE that caused the problem in the first place. We all know this, but up to now it is has been so hard to accept…let alone modify. Now if that sounds a little complicated, it is actually not. Once you realize that your "LIFESTYLE" is actually your total collection of the "HABITS" you have developed over the years, solving your weight problem then becomes a very simple habit modification exercise. In other words, "Bad" habits have caused your weight problem, so replacing them with "Good" habits may solve your weight problem.

It Really Is That Simple!

The Five Main Bad Habits Are: 1) Dehydration. 2) Slowing down our metabolism. 3) Not exercising. 4) Eating the wrong food. 5) Eating at the wrong time.
Each subsequent chapter of the Weight Normalization EBook will deal with these Five Bad Habits in detail.You will learn both the negative effects of these Bad Habits, and also be given the simple solutions you need to replace them with Good Habits.We hope that you enjoy reading this material and wish you total success with your weight normalization efforts.

Thanks for taking the time to explore this report.
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Incidentally, people are having incredible success!

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Free Weight Normalization EBook

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weight Normalization

From Claire: I was part of the seven day beta test.
I found the shake to be very palatable.
I had NO hunger, and forced myself to eat a meal at noon. The non-hunger lasted all day, and I had a salad for dinner, each of the seven days I was on the test.
I weighed myself every day. At the end of the seven days, I lost 9 pounds.
These products are the best I have ever had experience with.
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Weight Normalization

From Patricia:
I was one of the (very ) lucky ones who was able to be part of the week long beta testing of the weight normalization program.
I never had a weight problem until I was 35 and gave birth to my son. Immediately I started gaining weight and have never been able to seem to shake it (he's 19 now). I have tried all the over the counter pills, patches, shakes, gadgets, low carb diets, low fat diet, basically if it's out there I have tried it.
Usually the products didn't work, but if they did I would literally feel as though I was starving all day and would wake up in the middle of the night hungry.
About 2 weeks ago, I received my weight normalization trial package.
The instructions were clear and easy but when I saw the line "don't cheat" I thought that I was in for another week of feeling hungry and deprived.
I thought that the shake would be chalky or gritty, but to my surprise it was not only quick mixing but had a much better consistency and taste then I had expected.
You are suppose to drink 12 ounces of filtered water after drinking the shake and now I know one of the reasons. Not only is is best to drink a lot of water with a fiber product but the 12 ounces of water kicked the shake into high gear and killed my appetite until lunch time.
At lunch I wasn't real hungry so I had a large salad, with some tuna (sorry I love mayo--so my tuna had mayo in it)
No hunger pangs until dinner, when I had my normal dinner of salmon, potato, string beans & carrots.
Whew, I made it though my first day without being hungry.
The rest of the week also went very easy. On the second day, however we had planned on having pizza for dinner & I thought that if I am going to use this program long term I'd like to eat what my family eats and make it as doable as possible. So the pizza was delivered & I had 2 slices.
So how could I sum up my week's progress?
First...I felt good. I mean I really felt good. Not sluggish or tired like when I am normally dieting. I had energy and not bogged down.
Second...I can't say that I had felt hungry or deprived at all. It's something that can be done long term. Nothing that you would get bored with or have weird cravings. Like when I do low carb all I can think about is pancakes...and I don't even like pancakes...but as soon as I start upping my carbs, here come the pancakes (and all the weight back again).
Third...My scale registered a 3 pound loss. Ok, I was happy with that but what I should also mention is that right before starting this program I had foot surgery and was/is confined to the couch. Yep, no walking, no exercising. My kitchen is only 5 feet away & could have snacked anytime that I had wanted to, but didn't feel the need.
I did find the part about cutting down on coffee a bit hard, but by day three I decided to warm up the shake and pour it into my coffee cup. The warm drink is a nice wake me up for a cold Utah morning.
Is this a program that I would recommend to others to try?
Heck yeah.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Weight Normalization Course Lesson 1

All I can say is WOW.....and Thanks for the Weight Normalization Program!!! I have been overweight my entire life. I started my first diet when I was 8 years old.Hundreds of diets and tens of thousands of dollars later, fifty years later to be exact, I am older, poorer, and fatter.

I have tried every diet known to mankind with mixed results.

Some worked better than others, but there were a few constants:I Felt DeprivedI Was So Grouchy I Couldn't Stay on ThemI gained All the Weight Back...and MORE!

And then came the Weight Normalization Program.I have been on this program for 10 weeks so far.I have lost 15 pounds.I have lost 4 inches from my waist.

But that's not the best part:I DON'T Feel Hungry!I Have MORE Energy!I Feel Healthier...More ALIVE!I DON'T Feel Deprived!I Have NO TROUBLE Staying On The Program! Everywhere I go, folks are asking me "What Are You Doing?"

When I tell them how easy it is, they can't wait to get started! What an unbeatable Combination;

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